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As a trusted skincare brand in Singapore, P’CELL by KenCare Holdings offers a wide spectrum of proven products and stem cell solutions that fight the common signs of skin aging for a younger, healthier and more beautiful you.


Cutting-Edge Stem Cell Technology for a Youthful, Glowing Skin

Creating effective and stimulating skin rejuvenation solutions has always been the goal of KenCare’s P’CELL™ Skincare line. As a professional skincare brand based on patented cutting-edge stem cell technology, we deliver unique and powerful growth factors that fight the common signs of skin aging.

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Fight Common Signs of Skin Aging and Skin Problems

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    Dark Spots

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    Dark Eye Circles

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    Acne Scar

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Every P’CELL skincare product has the ability to stimulate the production of collagen, which:

KenCare Holdings (Singapore)
As a leading company in stem cell research and application, we are committed to investing resources into continuing research, development and innovation to create the most advanced stem cell solutions for skin healing, nurturing, protecting and anti-aging based on our key stem cell cloning technology and patent.

What’s Special About P’CELL™?

Bio-stem cell skincare products created using stem cell technology that is recognized by dermatologists and aesthetic professionals around the region because of their powerful functions in the skin:

  • KenCare Holdings (Singapore)Regeneration
  • KenCare Holdings (Singapore)Rejuvenation
  • KenCare Holdings (Singapore)Repair
  • KenCare Holdings (Singapore)Renew

KenCare, the mother company of P’CELL,

owns the stem cell technology patent for the extraction of Extra Cellular Matrix from the Umbilical Cord and Placenta, covering resources from both humans and animals.

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