How we started

The outermost circle represents the placenta.
Within the circle is another circle that depicts an earth which made by a millions umbilical cords from a millions of children was born a day if we link them together. The innermost element represents the cross-section of three blood vessels (the three circular shapes) of an umbilical cord. The meaning of three circular shapes:
The circle 1 made the letter “P” stands for “Pure”.
The circle 2 made the letter “C” stands for “Cells”.
-> P+C = “Pure Cells”
The circle 3 made the letter “O” represents the shape of a living cell.
The total number of circles in the logo also represents our stem cell technology which we use for P’Cell brand is “cloning the cells from a single cell” – The chosen master cells were cultured and multiplied, forming a billion potent cells by using our advanced stem cell culture technique “KenCare Stem Cell Cloning Technology”.
“Stem Cells Is Life”, without umbilical cord and placenta, there is no life. P’CELL is a part of an International Invention as it created from KenCare’s patented stem cell technology which covered for the technology of “Extraction of Extra Cellular Matrix from Umbilical Cord and Placenta”. It is not only with the ideas to create products for “Regenerating the Skin”, “Healing the Wound”, but also with a vision for “the Future of Regenerative Medicine”.
Launching new line of products - P'Cell Bio-Stem for consumers & professionals

KenCare Holdings (Singapore) is very happy to announce that we will be organising an event on 14th September 2019 to commemorate P’CELL’s 10th Anniversary and to launch our new Bio-Stem product line. The event comprised a seminar in the morning at One Farrer Hotel and the open house of our P’CELL Centre in the afternoon, at E-Centre@Redhill. 

P’CELL has traditionally been sold exclusively as a medical product, but today we are launching products for consumers – products that anyone can use daily. We believe that everyone deserves look and feel healthier and more beautiful. With the launching of our newest Bio-Stem skincare line, we are happy to be able to share the wonders of stem cell technology with our community and society and beyond.

Upgraded technology, Re-branding and Expanding world-wise

KenCare upgraded new formula and technology for P’CELL brand by using the double stem cell technologies and resources from Umbilical cord and Bird nest extraction. This is one of the most powerful solutions for skin regeneration, rejuvenation and anti-aging. Clear Bridge Medical Group and Its Medical Clinics were appointed as the Sub-distributors in Hongkong, Indonesia and Philippines. 

Along side, the JW Korea Hospital, the biggest plastic, cosmetic surgery and skin aesthetic organisation was appointed as one of Application Centre of P’CELL in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. P’CELL started its Re-branding at the end of 2018 and planed to set up a P’CELL Flagship Centre in Singapore and expanding P’CELL to other countries in Asia, Europe, America and Middle East. 

Major strides made by P’CELL and cosmetic OEM project

P’CELL appointed Gene Oasis in Singapore as a distributor, Gene Oasis managed to find the investors and wanted to develop P’ÇELL to Taiwan and China markets. At the same time, KenCare appointed THU CUC Medical Group with a General Hospital, a Medical Centre and 22 aesthetic clinics to be a distributors with 24 application centres of P’CELL in Vietnam.

P’CELL contributes a part to make Thu Cuc Medical Group to be a reputable and a biggest chain of aesthetic organisation in the northern region of the country. Beside distributing the current line of P’CELL Pure Stem Cell Solution, KenCare developed some other products for Thu Cuc Medical Group.

Rise of our new products and the patent granted

P’CELL innovated four new products: P’CELL Collagen,
P’CELL Collagen Plus, P’CELL Laser and P’CELL WoundCare 
to fulfill the needs of four reputable dermatology hospitals and aesthetic groups: Ageless Medical Centres in Singapore and three partners in Vietnam: National Dermatology Hospital, Hanoi Aesthetic Institute and Dermatology & Burn Centre of 175 Military Hospital.

A patent with the title: “The Extraction of Extra cellular Matrix from Umbilical Cord and Placenta” was granted to KenCare Group.

P'CELL was recognised in US and expanded to Vietnam

Some partner from US and Vietnam would like to collaborate with KenCare to set up a production lab in California and Hanoi. To save the cost of operating for start-up project and test the markets, KenCare decided to set-up a managing company in Vietnam. The KenCare Vietnam was established in Hanoi in June 2012 with a more than 20,000 sqf and full facility 8 floors building with an office, a stem cell culture lab, a cosmetic packaging lab, a training centre and an application centre. A few months later an office and a P’CELL Skin Care Centre were set up in Ho Chi Minh city.

Within a year,  KenCare had conducted more than 100 scientific symposiums, product training courses and transfer programs to more than 20 government hospitals and more than 100 medical clinics and aesthetic centres in Vietnam. 

Log-in patent to protect for the innovation and branding for P'CELL

The documents were submitted to the Vietnam Intellectual Property Office to obtain a patent to protect the innovation “The Extraction of Extra Cellular Matrix from Umbilical Cord and Placenta”.

To prepare for P’CELL to develop well in Singapore, Vietnam and other countries, KenCare with a strategy to invest more in healthcare and medical tourism by collaborated with Singapore healthcare institutions, National University Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Raffles Hospital and Singapore Medical Group to organised medical symposiums and healthcare training program in Singapore and Vietnam.  Both medical professionals and patients in Singapore and Vietnam were benefit from these programs. P’CELL net-works and reputation were also increase in Singapore, Vietnam and the region. 

The Innovations of the perfect stem cell solutions for advanced aesthetic treatments

“P’CELL is a good product, many medical professionals and dermatologists recorgnised it, but how to prove it to the consumer in a simple and faster t way?” – A question of the brand’s owner for the team scientists, medical doctors and pharmacists at KenCare.

The KenCare Group CEO and her team worked so hard and tried the deference methods to treat acne scars, pigmentation and severe aging skin. The Dermal-roller therapy and Laser therapy began emerging as a novel method of dermatological treatments with P’CELL. The first hospital received the P’CELL technology transfer and training for Micro-needling therapy with P’CELL Filler was the National Dermatology Hospital in Hanoi, then other hospitals and aesthetic clinics in Korea, Malaysia and Singapore working with P’CELL to push up the healing process of laser treatment cut down the down-time with P’CELL fresh-lab products. P’CELL became popular !!!

PÇELL was born in Singapore and made in Korea

P’CELL was born with the first bath of two products made in SINGAPORE for professionals:
(1) P’CELL Filler
(2)P’CELL Wound Healing

and three products for consumers made in KOREA:
(1) P’CELL Wrinkle & Whitening Treatment;
(2) P’CELL Pigmentation & Scar Treatment;
(3) P’CELL Bio Regulator Moisturiser Cream.

These 5 products made the dermatologists, surgeons, aesthetics professionals and consumers in Korea, Vietnam and Singapore felt in love with P’CELL because of its quality and safety. 

Ideas, First Test and the Strong Foundation of P'CELL

In 2003, the first batch of sample skincare product was developed in the lab in Singapore by using stem cell technology from Umbilical cord and Placenta under the ideas of Professor Phan Toan Thang (who became the inventor of 2 patented stem cell technologies, one in 2004 and one in 2012) with the support of his wife, Ms. Ann Nguyen. This sample product was tested on the face of the “first patient”, Ms. Ann who later became the founder and owner of P’CELL brand, JuviSkinCare Brand and 3 companies: KenCare Holdings (Singapore), KenCare Vietnam, KenCare International Clinic. 

After 6 months of daily topical use of that sample product only, the fine wrinkles and pigmentation on the Ms. Ann’s face were gone, her skin became more glowing, beautiful and healthier. This led to the development of 2 brands, PÇELL – which contains high concentration of stem cell extraction for advance wound healing, skin aesthetic treatments, skin regenerating and anti-aging when JuviSkinCare – which contains standard concentration of stem cells extraction for skin repairing and rejuvenating.