Customer Feedback

"I always have interest in Stem Cell products, after searching for many companies I found P'CELL.  After few visits to P'CELL showroom and talk to P'CELL products consultant, luckily I was invited to attend P'CELL 10 year annivesary at Farrer Park Hotel on 14 Sept 2019. During the event I found out more about P'CELL and it is patented stem cell technology I decided to proceed with treatment for skin regenrative and brightening package.  After just one treatment with P'CELL Bio-Stem Collagen Plus and P'CELL Bio-Stem Brightening Serum, my skin is much better, especially my dark eye circle improved significantly and I also brought my Wife here to sign up for Acne Scar treatment. Just after one treatment with P'CELL Filler, her ance scar improved alot and she looks forward to her next treament". 
 Mr. Jeff Ang, CEO of The Packaging Company in Singapore

 "My wife brought back the P'CELL products which she bought from KenCare Singapore during our visit in summer of 2019, She is so impressed about the quality of P'CELL treatment products, such as P'CELL Bio-Stem Booster and Filler as she and some of her friends already use. Because of her love for P'CELL she also learned how to use home-used microneedling therapy and performed a treatment for anti-aging on my skin at our home,  I realised my acne scar and wrinkles improved. I trust P'CELL and support my wife to set up a channel to distribute P'CELL in Chicago, United States".
- Professor Ngo, Professor at University of Chicago

"I am lucky to have a chance to know about KenCare stem cell technology about ten years ago. P'CELL is not only a skin care product but it a whole range of stem cells theraputic, wound healing, scar care and regenerative medicine. I am not only a loyalty client for my skin treatment, I also have interest to set up P'CELL centre in Tokyo to promote and let more people in Japan know about P'CELL". 
-Mr Masaaki Ide, Director of NEC Electric Japan

"I already knew about P'CELL brand, Juvi Brand of KenCare Holdings for many years. After using P'CELL Silver in 2012 I introduce P'CELL and Juvi SkinCare to many of my partners in Singapore, Taiwan and China because of their technology, quality and safety product. Some my big clients already choose to be distributors of P'CELL and Juvi SkinCare brands. Especially one of my  client who is a billionaire in China fell in love deeply with P'CELL after first set of products, she is a loyalty client from more then 10 years. I myself have treatment whenever I have time.  My biggest concern is my dark eye circle and P'Cell Bio-Stem Laser and P'CELL Bio-Stem Brightening helped alot. My dark circle has lightened a lot, skin is glowing, smoother and brighter after each treatment".
- Novanne Seah, COO of Gene Oasis Pte Ltd in Singapore

"P’CELL brand was introduced to my hospital and 20 clinics in Vietnam because I have seen the powerful effects of their products. We initially started off using JuviSkinCare, the first brand of KenCare, and we are pleased that we can upgrade our aesthetic technology together with P’CELL, their premium line."
– Ms. Thu Cuc, Chairwoman & CEO, Thu Cuc Hospital and Clinics in Vietnam 

"I usually use very reputable skincare products to look after my skin but after I met the CEO of KenCare Holdings Singapore, the owner of P'CELL brand at my friend's office in Singapore in 2010, I realise my knowledge about stem cell technology still very little and I only knew more about stem cell patented products that day. I bought  20 set of P'CELL products for me and my staff back in China. We were so happy with the quality of product and decide to develop a skin care centre using P'CELL and Juvi SkinCare in inner Mongolia. I myself and my skin centre never stop using P'CELL products since 2010".
- Mdam Jin Lee, Chairwoman of a chain spas, hotels and events centre in China. 

"I hear alot about P'CELL from my sister in law and her husband and I decided to follow them for their skin treatment at PCELL centre. After an hour of consultation and sharing about P'CELL technology and product with P'CELL product specialist, I immediatly buy a set of 2 products ; P'CELL Bio-Stem Brightening Serurm and P'CELL Bio-Stem Collagen Cream with the purpose to regenerate and brighten my skin. The CEO of P'CELL at the office that day and she gave me a free trial treatment as a gift. Just after 3 days of that treatment, my skin is smoother, brighter and my wrinkles reduced and skin seem glowing".
- Eunice Chong, CEO of lightning design company in Singapore

" I happened to know about P'CELL through a professor in NUHS in 2015. After my meeting with the CEO of KenCare Singapore, I decided to try a anti-aging treatment package with P'CELL Bio-Stem Filler and purchased a set of premium line of product for follow up. I normally do not change my routine and brands that I am used to for many years. But just 1 week of using P'CELL, I fell in love and liked P'CELL very very much. Since 2015, I often fly to Singapore for my treatment at P'CELL center and buy product to bring back, I also would like to set a centre to apply P'CELL in Kuala Lumpur. 
- Datin Sandra Wong, CEO & Chairwoman of finance consultancy group in Malaysia

"I know about P'CELL through a friend who attended P'CELL 10 year annivesary at Farrer Park Hotel on 14 Sept 2019. I am so impressed about P'CELL technology and I trust that I already found the real stem cell products. I decided to book a session of consultation with P'CELL product specialist and sign up for trial package for skin regenerating and anti-aging. After just a few days after treatment  my skin looks brighter, however I have not seen much improvement on the fine lines yet. Hopefully after 2 weeks I can see more improvements. Because the postive result of P'CELL Bio-Stem Booster which I used for my treatment, I told my husband and he also sign up for Acne Scar trial treatment. I am looking forward to do my next treatment”.
- Yuliana Tjendra, Business Woman in Singapore

"After my husband is using P'CELL products and receiving treatment at P'CELL center and showed significant results, he brought me to P'CELL showroom and after one hour consultation about P'CELL technology, product and treatment package, I signed up for P'CELL Bio-Stem Filler treatment with Derma Pen 4 technology. My skin imrpoved, recovery is good, acnes and wrinkles reduced a lot, skin evenness is better. Overall my skin also is clearing up and the marks are less visible."
-Lim KaiLing, Primary School Teacher in Singapore 

"I used to go to famous aesthetic clinics in Singapore for my acne scar treatment. Some doctors used laser treatment to treat my scars and some used skin boosters as hyaluronic acid which were injected into my scars, but it did not help much. Then I found P’CELL and tried three cycles of microneedling. Even though P’CELL could not transform my skin 100% to normal, I am still extremely happy and satisfied with the result as my condition improved tremendously."
 Ms. Jenny, Senior Executive at P&G Singapore

"After a very long journey of looking for reputable products, I found JuviSkinCare and P’CELL, true Stem Cell Technology products that provide quality and benefit to my customers. My company’s sales went up to 260% just after one week of launching JuviSkinCare in Ho Chi Minh City. These are real products of science."
– Alex Ha, CEO of Bodyline International in Vietnam 

"P’CELL WoundCare saved my life. Their product made my wound heal after just after ten days of treatment with the help of a Vietnamese doctor that was trained by KenCare Singapore. It was like a miracle to me and my family and me as my wound didn’t heal even after 2 months of being at 2 hospitals. I’m thankful now that my wound has recovered and I can return to my normal life once again."
– Associate Prof. Dr. Duong Duc Lan, Former Deputy Minister of Ministry of Labour In Vietnam

"I follow my wife for her skin treament at P'CELL centre because I have alot of acne scar on my face, my wife insist that I should try at least one time of treatment. After first day of treatment with P'CELL Bio-Stem Filler with DermaPen 4 I can feel dry skin peeling off, but the redness reduced alot. After 1 month, my acne scars reduced a lot, skin looks better, the scars are less visible"
– Tan Kian Chai, Senior Management in Singapore 

"After only one time of P'CELL anti-aging treatment with P'CELL Bio-Stem Booster, my skin is much better, it looks smoother, tighten and brighter. I am very satisfied with this result."
– Nguyen Vu Xuan Hong, CEO of Spa and Hair Salon in Singapore 

"After attending the P'CELL 10 year annivesary at Farrer Park Hotel on 14 Sept 2019. I signed up for P'CELL Bio-Stem Acne Scar treatment, my acne scar was really severe on my forehead, cheeks and below my jaw. I also have alot of acne and my skin is really oily. The product consultant at P'CELL Center told me because of my condition is really severe, the result may improve up to fourty percent. After first few day of treatment my acne pus came out alot, and my acne scar reduced visibily. Overall I also can see my skin tone became more even".
– Nguyen Ngoc Duong Xuan, Business Development in Healthcare in Singapore 

"After knowing about P'CELL through my friend in Vietman, I visit P'CELL showroom in Singapore without any plans of treatment for my skin. When I met the P'CELL consultant there and went through an hours of consultantion, I proposed to her if she can arrange for my skin treatment for anti-aging and reduce pigmentation, lucky they have a slot for me during lunch time. I am very happy with the service and treatment there and skin look brighter after one week, my wrinkles became less obvious compared to before treatment."
– Nguyen Minh Trang, Actress in Singapore and Vietnam.