Our 10P’s

Wound Healing, Improving Health and Beauty

Premium Product

P’CELL® is the only product that comes from a patented umbilical cord and placenta’s extracellular extract and made to be ultrapure and highly concentrated form.

Our key ingredient consists of over 200 types of growth factors and 2000 bio-active proteins in order to fulfill multiple functions in skin healing.

We undergo strong quality control at every step of R&D, production, packaging, branding, and application to ensure the purity of our products

We pride ourselves on ethically designed products. We provide protocol-abiding treatment regimen and cost-effective solutions for our patients.

We strive to provide scientific, logical, high quality, convenient, and good results.

We are strictly disciplined in production, packaging, storage, handling, application, and quality control of our products.

We provide preventive care and long-term follow-ups to avoid complications.

We aim to improve the quality of life of our patients as we support them.


We are flexible, fast-paced, and we provide balanced models and supportive care for our partners.

We stand for advanced and eco-friendly stem cell technology.