H-Stem®  is the name of P’CELL®’s Stem Cell Activator which has been treated under aseptic conditions, and is safe to use in skincare products.

H-Stem®, the key ingredient used in P’CELL®, is efficiently produced and refined in-house at our laboratory under sterile conditions.

Besides H-Stem®, our other ingredients are guaranteed superior components at a molecular level, generating the appropriate percentage of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, in accordance with bio-mimetic.

State of the
Art Technology and Quality

All the ingredients used are not mass-produced factory grade chemical substances. They are instead, made under careful supervision through the usage of molecular biology. The ingredients are superior reagents at a molecular level, generating the appropriate ratios of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, in accordance with biomimetics. P’CELL®’s Stem Cell Activator contains more than 200 different growth factors, which are all efficiently produced and refined in-house, giving it an anti-aging effect when applied to the skin, due to the high-quality phytonutrients contained.

Quality Assurance