Bird’s Nest extract contains an extraordinary amount of proteins, collagen, amino acids and vitamins. Studies have shown that Bird’s Nest has many healing properties.

In 2008

KenCare’s scientists made a breakthrough discovery of sterilization and extraction of a complex of cell growth factors, proteins, collagen and amino acids from Edible Bird’s Mucosa stem cells. Bn-Plasma from Edible Bird Nest (EBN) was found. 

In 2009

KenCare applied this BN-Plasma technology in cosmeceutical and regenerative medicine.

Bn-Plasma proprietary EBN extracts can elicit a statistically significant increase in human stem cell proliferation during  the course of chondrogenic differentiation in vitro. This is novel as this is the first study to show not only an increase, but also a statistically significant increase in DNA (cellular proliferation).

P’CELL®  was first product which used this technology

Beside that, high-quality Bird’s Nests from Indonesia are used to produce the second main ingredient of P’CELL. We differentiate our Bird’s Nests from the typical nests in the market by using chemical-free bio-science methods that adhere to food safety standards from AVA (Singapore). Through rigorous laboratory tests, we ensure that our bird’s nests are free from bird flu.