What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are cells that comprise our body and tissues, that
divide and produce numerous new cells. There are two types of
stem cells: Embryonic Stem Cells from the human embryo, and
Adult Stem Cells, which constantly produce blood cells as well
as skin cells which regenerate the epidermis (the outer skin
layer). Skin stem cells located in the base of the epidermis are
critical to cell renewal and homeostasis. When we age, these
cells lose productivity and vitality, allowing signs of aging to
appear. P’CELL® products help stem cells to multiply in the
skin to restore vitality and slow down the aging process

Bio-Matrix Extracts derived and purified from the White Horses umbilical cord tissue:

Umbilical cords are part of extra-embryonic tissue complex. In mammalian animals, umbilical cords are developed together with the foetus during the pregnancy. After birth, umbilical cords were normally treated as biowaste or eaten by animal mothers. With recent advances in stem cell and regenerative medicine research, umbilical cords have been proven to be a great source of stem cells and contain a high amount of infant bio-matrix components known as collagen, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid, laminins etc that may have huge benefits to anti-ageing, cosmeceutical and regenerative medicine applications.

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