P’CELL® is developed on two key ingredients, H-STEM and Bn-PLASMA, from our two in-house biotechnologies.

KenCare Holdings (Singapore)

Bio-Matrix Extracts derived and purified from White Horses’ umbilical cord tissue. Unlike synthetic bio-matrices in the market, bio-matrices from umbilical cords are natural and contain the right combination of components designed by Mother Nature. Their proteins remain embryonic, making them beneficial for anti-aging and tissue regeneration.

KenCare Holdings (Singapore)

Bn-Plasma originates from the healthiest and the most prolific stem cells from Swiftlets’ oral mucosa tissues. It is created from the raw materials of Stem Cells from Swiftlets’ Oral Mucosa Tissue and Cleaned Dried Bird’s Nest Powder Extract. We integrate Bn-PLASMA with H-STEM and other high grade natural cosmetic ingredients to create a range of functional P’CELL series of products.

KenCare Holdings (Singapore)