(Extra Cellular Matrix Conditioned Media​)

JuviSkincare by KenCare Holdings (Singapore), a trusted skincare brand in Vietnam and Asian countries, offers a wide spectrum of proven products and stem cell solutions that fight the common signs of skin aging for a younger, healthier and more beautiful you. WH-Stem® is the name of JuviSkincare's Stem Cell Activator, it is integrated with bio-pharmaceutical and natural skin care ingredients to create different functional products for JuviSkincare for consumers and professionals. ​WH-Stem® is a patented protein mix derived from Extra-Cellular Matrix Extract providing you with the 3R Solutions: "Regeneration, Rejuvenation and Renew". JuviSkinCare products are formulated specifically to restore the skin’s renewal cycle to its optimum level. This is done by stimulating the production of extracellular substances in the skin, such as Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Fibronetin. The production of these natural substances within the skin reduces as we age, resulting in wrinkles and drier skin.