What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are cells that comprise our body and tissues, that divide and produce numerous new cells. There are two types of stem cells: Embryonic Stem Cells from the human embryo, and Adult Stem Cells, which constantly produce blood cells as well as skin cells which regenerate the epidermis (the outer skin layer). Skin stem cells located in the base of the epidermis are critical to cell renewal and homeostasis. When we age, these cells lose productivity and vitality, allowing signs of aging to appear. P’CELL® products help stem cells to multiply in the skin to restore vitality and slow down the aging process.

State of the Art Technology

All the ingredients used are not mass-produced factory grade chemical substances. They are instead, made under careful supervision through the usage of molecular biology. The ingre- dients are superior reagents at a molecular level, generating the appropriate ratios of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, in accordance with biomimetics. P’CELL®’s Stem Cell Activator contains more than 200 different growth factors, which are all efficiently produced and refined in-house, giving it an anti-ag- ing effect when applied to the skin, due to the high-quality phytonutrients contained.


H-Stem® is the name of P’CELL®’s Stem Cell Activator which has been treated under aseptic conditions, and is safe to use in skincare products.

In-Clinic Use Products

Role of Stem Cell Activator

Protein restoration with H-Stem® effectively ‘resets’ the skin to a more youthful stage. It encourages skin cells to refresh themselves every 28 to 30 days. It also increases skin fullness by restoring dermal glycoprotein secretion which in turn captures and retains water thus plumping up the skin. Extracellular matrix protein levels are restored and elastin loss is slowed down, resulting in increased skin firmness and arresting the loss of elasticity. This ‘reset’ function also encourages injured skin cell loss from improved skin cell turnover, decreasing the formation of skin lesions that form when these injured cells persist. Regular use of H-Stem® will ensure that skin cells receive the correct signals to maintain health and youthfulness.

Stem Cell Activator Solution

P’CELL®’s Complex Cell Growth Factors (H-Stem®) permeate deep into the skin, boost vitality and nurture the self-renewal capability of skin, helping to keep your skin radiant and supple.