"I've been using the batch of P'CELL Bio-Stem Laser solution post deep resurfacing with laser. So far so good. It's soothing and quickens recovery. 
– Dr. David Tan, Medical Director and Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, David Tan Medical Aesthetics

"P’CELL is a special product for skin aesthetic. It helps our patients in recovering faster after cosmetic surgeries and post-aesthetic procedures, especially post-laser treatments. I am very happy to work with KenCare to promote Stem Cell Therapy Treatment for the future of regenerative medicine and anti-aging. We are proud to be the first authorised stem cell therapy centre of KenCare Group in Ho Chi Minh City." 
 Dr. Nguyen Phan Tu Dung, Senior Consultant, Director of JW Korea Hospital  

"P’CELL brand was introduced to my hospital and 20 clinics in Vietnam because I have seen the powerful effects of their products. We initially started off using JuviSkinCare, the first brand of KenCare, and we are pleased that we can upgrade our aesthetic technology together with P’CELL, their premium line."
– Ms. Thu Cuc, Chairwoman & CEO, Thu Cuc Hospital and Clinics  

"I used to go to famous aesthetic clinics in Singapore for my acne scar treatment. Some doctors used laser treatment to treat my scars and some used skin boosters as hyaluronic acid which were injected into my scars, but it did not help much. Then I found P’CELL and tried three cycles of microneedling. Even though P’CELL could not transform my skin 100% to normal, I am still extremely happy and satisfied with the result as my condition improved tremendously."
 Ms. Jenny, Senior Executive at P&G Singapore

"After a very long journey of looking for reputable products, I found JuviSkinCare and P’CELL, true Stem Cell Technology products that provide quality and benefit to my customers. My company’s sales went up to 260% just after one week of launching JuviSkinCare in Ho Chi Minh City. These are real products of science."
– Alex Ha, CEO of Bodyline International 

"P’CELL WoundCare saved my life. Their product made my wound heal after just after ten days of treatment with the help of a Vietnamese doctor that was trained by KenCare Singapore. It was like a miracle to me and my family and me as my wound didn’t heal even after 2 months of being at 2 hospitals. I’m thankful now that my wound has recovered and I can return to my normal life once again."
– Associate Prof. Dr. Duong Duc Lan, Former Deputy Minister of Ministry of Labour