Frequently Asked Questions


P’CELL® uses the extraction of the Cellular Matrix from White Horses’ Umbilical Cord and Placenta and the extraction of Edible Bird’s Stem Cell Mucosa. The extraction contains substances such as growth factors, amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids etc. that are necessary for P’CELL®’s various functions.

You can mix and match products, however, it is advisable not to layer treatments. You only want to use one treatment in the morning and one in the evening. For example, you can use P’CELL® Collagen Daily from P’CELL® Pure line before using P’CELL® Collagen Serum & Cream from the Bio-Stem line. Our Certified Skincare Specialists can help you customize the perfect regimen for your needs. Feel free to contact us if you require a skincare consultation.

Yes, P’CELL® skincare products come from bio-natural resources, making them safe to use for all skin types. In fact, P’CELL® has three more safety marks which many other skincare products do not have:

  1. All ingredients used in P’CELL® are not mass-produced factory-grade chemical substances. P’CELL® is created under careful supervision. It is free from 7 harmful elements:
    • No Paraben
    • No Chemical Fragrance
    • No Benzophenone
    • No Mineral Oil
    • No Surfactant
    • No Ethanol
    • No Chemical Colouring
  2. P’CELL® skincare products DO NOT contain human cells.
  3. P’CELL® skincare products are produced and refined inside the laboratory under sterile conditions.


Collagen in P’CELL® Bio-Stem lines are extracted from the Cellular Matrices of White Horses’ Umbilical Cord and Placenta. We use Nano Collagen, which has a small molecular size (5 to 200 Dalton) that can penetrate skin (Molecules smaller than 500 Dalton can penetrate skin and be deeply absorbed).

You can use P’CELL® Bio-Stem Filler or P’CELL® Bio-Stem Collagen Plus combined with Dermaroller or DermaPen therapy. After 2-3 weeks, follow up the treatment with P’CELL® Bio-Stem ScarCare and maintain your skin with the daily home-use skincare set: P’CELL® Bio-Stem Collagen Cleanser, Serum and Cream/Gel (See our products under ‘For Consumers’ for the daily home-use skincare set).

P’CELL® Bio-Stem Filler has a higher concentration of our key ingredient H-Stem® and it is a fresh lab product without preservatives.

P’CELL® Bio-Stem Booster contains higher levels of hyaluronic acids than P’CELL® Bio-Stem Filler. It contains some preservatives which prevents damage to the products during delivery and transport. (Click on the link to P’CELL® Bio-Stem Booster for thefull list of ingredients)

Normally, we organise training once a month. You can see our Training Programmes for the type of training we can conduct. Please contact us if you would like to arrange your training on an ad-hoc basis.

Yes. Kindly contact us if you are interested in training and technology transfer and we will provide you with more information.

Yes, you need to register a clinic and apply to be a P’CELL® Authorised Application Centre. Without a clinic license, you can become a Distributor or Reseller, whereby you may import and sell P’CELL® products, but you will not be considered an Authorised  Application Centre. A Distributor can buy and sell all of our products, but a Reseller can only buy and sell P’CELL® post-treatment and home-use product lines.

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